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That one thing to do...

The Grand concept of all the Mythological Deities being manifested in ONE GOD misses the simple fact of the matter; human's limited experiential awareness of what "GRAND" really is. We have only just recently begun to explore beyond our small watery grain of sand. GOD is far vaster than our finite thoughts can comprehend. 2,000 years after the 'Jesus' experience and we still can't agree or understand what that was all about. We kill each other as drunk drivers, in wars over seas and leave trash on the moon and in space; yet, we pride ourselves on having 'figured it all out'. Humility - we lack it. On a starry night in just the briefest of moments the heavens alone will be a reality check that we in fact don't have it all figured out.

GOD is amazing. The Universe is amazing. We are amazing. The Big answer IS the big question we are all striving to find. We have the answer and its been right in front of us the entire time. Very very few have actually embraced it. Many only in fleeting moments. I still chase after it, basking in it's ebb and flow! It is -----


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