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   On the outskirts of a small Texas town just north of the Metroplex was The Lake Cliff Apartment Complex.  They had been constructed in the boom of the late 1970’s expansion; but the city’s growth had taken a turn in a different direction over the years since. Times had changed.  The Complex was not the best of the high end apartments, even during its heyday; and yet was not the lowest by any means.  They were just the middle of the road of the middle class on an average income.  The apartments could have been anywhere in America, and that was what made these stories all the more disturbing.  Because it is the lives of those who reside there that make it interesting at most.  Some, but not all have interwoven their lives.  Some are invisible to their community while others are the unseen fabric of the community.  These are just a few of the stories about those incredible lives, hidden in plain sight that you have often wondered about.


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