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Never too late to live

Depression is the thing I don't address
it slips in unannounced
grabs hold and pulls me down
to its swallowing depth
of blackening grey numbness
a crushing breath non-caring
curling and caving in on myself
the begging of others to understand
but refusing their care in disbelief
yet the slow growing breath of silence
but air of time and renewal
however the mood of change
the smile I may not be alone
the realization of forgiveness
the wake of others before me
the gloom is without doom
and the doom only an illusion
for this too shall pass in grace
I truly am not alone
there are those who've endure
tenacity greater than my own
love deeper than my desires
refreshing comes even in another's
solemn sweet smile they've
been there too; I can over come...

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