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   One day while I was out walking my dog near our Lake Cliff Apartments I saw a huge flock of birds flying over the tree tops of the nearby woods. It reminded me of smoke, which in turn reminded me of Old Joe Henderson.

    Joe Henderson was a lawyer who got drafted at the end of the Vietnam conflict and served during the first Gulf War. He retired a major in the Army, an Infantry man all the way. Had a beautiful wife name Louise Emily, and lived in the Lake Cliff Apartments near Lewisville. Two years ago yesterday, she had been raped and killed. A month ago Joe said his two grand sons and their uncle had perished is a house fire. Later they found out it was due to an arson, sad life.
I never knew old Joe personally nor the details of his life, other than the brief account he share as I delivered cans to him as he rummaged through my apartment’s dumpster. Since his wife had died Joe had been homeless.
    Sad to say I only thought of Joe this morning. ’Cause watching the Dallas news they showed the picture of a street man some construction worker discovered dead in one of their portable potties. Crazy how nothing is new under the sun, kind of make ya wonder how your own story will end, in the end.


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