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Venting but not complaining

Things can always be worse, and better as well.  By comparison I enjoy my job now; as opposed to being in Direct Care, in that - so many things are different, (different begin less stress overall).  However, where the rubber meets the road reality I'm actually making even less money than I was before.  No longer having the second shift-differential ($150), nor being a Home Team Leader ($150); my pay has gone down by at least $300.oo.  So has the stress.  Where before Over Time was a "feast" of overwhelming hours, it's now a "famine" of underwhelming striving.

Deep inhale, "this too shall pass" as all things have had a way of working themselves out and balancing the way they need to unfold.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.  From here forward I will be focusing on (1) working Over Time as much and when I can schedule it; (2) Packing and cleaning and prep toward moving day, [August 1st, 2016].  Yes I know it's a 'long ways away'; however, it's slipping away already.

I will pack up my stories, hard-copy writings, and crafts as they are all too distracting.  I may check here from time to time, but if I'm not here often...*sigh*    ...am I missed anyway?


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