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Cultic Rituals


    I developed the lengthy process to enter a Cultic religious Society for my fantasy novel, THE WATCHER'S BOOK {of Books}.  Complete with initiation, passwords, handshakes, cords, robes, masks, and other details.  But instead of just out right telling the reader, I developed characters to experience these from their view.  And the full circle effect as well, of the teachers who developed and the ones who carried out the process.  These are all interwoven as various stories.  The six degrees are divided up and told using six characters and in between them are the stories of the teachers; woven in all of this is the cultural climate and the geographic environment and 'signs of the times'.  But all of this story development is for another character, The Prophets to have something to be the antagonist toward.  All of these are also "character events" used in developing another  outcome through the Judges characters.  Mine is a story within a story about and unfolding story.  Each one of the "tales" below illustrate my concept.

> Second Degree
>    Third Degree
>  Fourth Degree
>     Fifth Degree
>     Sixth Degree



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