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JONAB Refused


 For four hours a day the main gate which led into the city of Mithar, from the tent village of Slavath, was left open.  Any who chose to, could come and go as they wished; with limits of course, and were allowed to set up a booth.  Along either side of the main road, constructed from stones that once made the city walls, did the instant market arise; of people selling their wares, both inside Mithar and out.   They could freely exchange, barter or sell with coin as they wished.
   One day a guard noticed a young boy acting strangely and so nodded to his soldier to follow him.  Passing through the city gates, the boy was caught stealing a fish and loaf of bread.  Upon seeing the boy, a Priest named Niera; the soldier called out, “Teacher, do you know this boy?”
   The priest asked the boy, “What is your name and age, thief?”
   The untattooed Nasilian boy replied, “Marcus sire, I am eleven and a half.”
   The priest was no noble and tested the boy again with, “Well Marcus, what lies in the east?”
   Marcus smiled with missing teeth, “The rising sun over the desert, everyone knows that sire.”
   The priest, Niera nodded to the guard, “Take him beyond the gates and tell your Commander that Niera says to close market early.”
   “Sir they just opened.”
   “Tell him also what you witnessed here.  Then, let the people know that thieves are not allowed in Mithar.”  Looking directly at the boy, “I tell you this once only so remember; you are forever barred from entering.  If you are caught in Mithar ever again the King, whoever that may be shall deal with you personally.  He may not be as merciful to you as I have been.  You have all had the chance to benefit of certain blessing.  Be gone.”



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