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Enoch explained


GENESIS 5:4 “…Adam after he became the father of Seth… had other sons and daughters.”
GENESIS 5:21 -32 “…Enoch …became the father Me.thu’se.lah.  Enoch walked with God after the birth of Methuselah… the father of Lamech… the father of NOAH.”

Their wives and “other sons and daughters” were never named in the Bible, so I got the names that were listed in those chapters and “crafted” my own versions that “sounded” like that would “easily fit” and I devised THIS story of HOW Enoch became …. The Prophet in my fantasy novel and was the fulfillment of all the other prophets… When verse 34 of chapter 5 says, “…Enoch ((walked with God; and he [was not], for God [took] him.”  Enoch’s “sudden disappearance is a BIG DEAL in my story and there is a lot of foreshadowing build up to the Grand Event and the events that  follow are “earth shaking”. 

This story of “his wife” is just used invented to illustrate what drives his character and background; *sigh* I wrote it as a rough draft this morning with coffee. Seriously what do you think of it; I would like to know…

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