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iScroll - 2.0

I had to stayover a 16 hour shift at work one night and sat with a client in a dimly lit room. I sketched out this drawing of a idea I have for a story I am currently working on, called THE CURE.  A character is looking at his futuristic computer device and I wanted it to be different than 'today's tech.'
   The iScroll - 2.0. The tube has a camera at one end, and the viewfinder screen at the other. Adjustable rubber rings at both ends, one to focus the camera. Vertical and a horizontal projector, combined for 3D. The baton device conceals a transparent strip within that once fully extracted would display three video screens and a virtual keypad when needed. This prop is on a very minor detail in my story but is used to illustrate the setting for the characters. 

"....Brycin Doyle was looking at headline news of the morning on his holographic-device while waiting for his Mocha cappuccino to arrive. The Spring breeze that blew lightly across his table on the sidewalk patio was a welcomed warmth after such a harsh Texas winter."

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