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   I am currently striving to write a novel entitled: THE CURE CRISIS.  A former co-worker, Shawn Farrar gave me the basic idea.  Though I have developed a great portion of the details myself, Shawn's concepts are just amazing to me, so I give him the by-line name credit.

 The plot is: A man on the run is divulging his "tell all" story to a journalist.

 The setting is mainly a Starbucks patio.

 The genre is Science-Fiction.

 The Background:

    "...The Cure for everything came the Fall of 2018.  In that year two major events that changed the world came in the fields of technology, and medicine.  Then with the combination of the two....
      After 27 years of global protest and civil uprisings over the ‘Eugenics War’ the United Nations stepped in and became the governmental presence behind the heavy regulations imposed upon the Emulator’s production and use.
     Under these new sanctions against global population control two main factions arose throughout the world: The Church and The Underground.  The institutionalization of a regulatory commission, headed by various religious organizations splintered from governmental controls creating a new religious faith.  The New Life Emulation Church.  Under the guise of Christianity it made the Lee-Roberts Device their main doctrinal focus, preaching: “the means of the resurrection in Christ can be had today through Science” at a price of course.
   The second faction was The Underground. They were in reality: loosely-affiliated, autonomous groups that ran in a mafia-style fashion.  The Emulator’s use was heavily regulated by the United Nations, leaving only skilled technicians as mandated operators; yet the “business” could be privatized.
  By use of this device assisted suicide became legal.  Even “regular” suicides decreased dramatically.  Individuals with Chronic diseases could be paid for their own self-terminations with the Insurance funds going to their families; and of course a large portion going into the pockets of whichever faction carried out the procedure.  The use of the device’s collected “souls” could be designated for the life-extension of loved ones or donated to the needy; there again, as seen fit by either one of these ’privatized’ factions. "

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  1. ""... Matthew was still trying to wrap his head around how the world changed so rapidly in such a short period of time, “Who are we to take the fate of man, and turn upside down the will of God?”
    But Brycin snapped at his heels with, “Does man even have such power? Is God so weak? Science has always pushed that controversial envelope, yet only later having it accepted as the right course of action that should have been there all along. Vaccinations, Blood transfusions, stem cell research and cloning are wide spread and accepted norms today.” .....""



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