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   I debated showing this. But I got to thinking why. People look away from death as though it is foreign  but it is only the closure in the Wheel of Life. Kinda wish I had pictures of other loved ones in this phase. Years ago it was the normal thing to do, photographing your loved ones after they had passed on. Yet we've become a sterile society where death is only glorified with War Heroes, though we never see even their flag draped coffins return as a reality check of their greatest cost. Or in movies where gore has so desensitized us from the real thing and the real thing looks "fake".
  This former shell of my mom looks nothing like her in life.  She didn't wear makeup, much less dark lip stick, and the ear rings - very rarely. The hair is almost funny because the artist had nothing to go by and she didn't wear her hair in this fashion. This is not meant to be morbid or poke fun, but like the open casket service, a Farewell tribute for the living. The book is closed now, the life over with only memories to re-polish till all the negative ones are faded and the good ones remain.

   With a deep inhale, I can go on now knowing I have no living parents, and my Wheel continues to turn in its season for now. Love you mom, with flaws and all - you were all human too.

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  1. We have pics like this of my mother-in-law. I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm glad you posted this. (((Hugs)))