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The Black Sheep?

   My brother and I grew up three years apart. I would trail him like a little puppy dog wanting to be just like him but being "older" I always got brushed to the side in favor of all his friends. Until one year I just developed my own circle of friends back in Junior High School. I was a Sci-Fi Geek in school and the Library was our gang's hang out LOL. I grew up being my brother's opposite. He was into pot, rock-n-roll and the wild side that got him arrested several times. I got a speeding ticket once and thought it was the end of the world. Yeah, to say we were different is an understatement. In the 30 years years I have been married once, Tracy has been married six times. Hum...

   BUT these many years later I have begun reaching out to him and we are renewing a better relationship. Difficult being so different. Now I working on my sister. I am the youngest, yet it seems I have always had to be the more mature, stable and responsible one.

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