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   I stayed two weeks in the ICU room or sleeping in the waiting room, eating out of vending machines and scarcely venturing out of the hospital to Burger King whenever my father was in crisis. Others looked on and encouraged me out. My dad's dearest friend said he had never seen such "tenacity" before. It was the first time I ever heard the word before. I loved my father, very much. I always held him up on a pedestal, so high I never actually knew him until those last two weeks before he passed. Blunt honesty there is never a day that goes by that I do not think of him. I wear his ring and carry his face in the aging mirror before me. I endured that spiraling down of his life with cheerful smiles, jokes and constant talks with him: my youth, family and spiritual matters. After he died... *sigh* after he - passed away, the day I had to come back to work of documents... I cried. I cried like... well, The strongest soldier inside is a child my friend. Love, light and Blessings to you. I am here, and I know there are many many here and there with you in person who can lend you some of their strengths and energies. Yet, it is The Lord HIMSELF alone who builds "tenacity" with your soul, after which a deep peace and strength overcomes you, all its own that wells ups as a gift. You are your father's son, not your father. ((hugs))

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