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  Jacob stood on a moss covered bolder that was yards from shore.  He was disorientated as to his surroundings and how he got there all alone.  He disliked seafood, and the stench of anything remotely resembling it made him nauseous.  Such was the smell of the carcass of the bloated infant that floated near Jacob’s feet.  The incoming tide and the spraying waves against the rock made him shutter with a chill.  He felt sick.  He fought the urge to vomit as he reasoned his situation.  Turning about Jacob almost fell off the rock as he was startled to see a woman standing directly behind him.
   Her shrill voice, dark complexion and multicolored sari made him think that the lady was from India.  Her beauty was in stark contrast to those on the beach behind him.  She was chattering away in some unknown language.  Jacob interrupted her slowly with, “I cannot understand you.”
  Her words switched to English, “…Eriduah are the middle lands of men, and this is Ra`More om Eul. But for now we, you and I must hurry from here for the storm shall be upon us soon with a great devastation --”
   Hearing the thunder clap for the first time, then seeing the scampering of lightning bolts striking the ocean surface got Jacob’s attention.  He was more frightened by that than what came next.  Before Jacob had time to conceive a response, the woman lost her footing and slipped off the massive bolder into the frigid waters.  Frantically her clawing attempts failed as the tuxedoed Jacob just stood there with his arms folded, doing nothing. She drowned slowly in front of him.  Her bright red hair began to fan out beneath the foaming waves in a curtain of bubble and darkening sea.

   Jacob shook his head, seemingly indifferent to her demise.  He stood there a moment longer as the woman’s entangling sari slowly bobbed and drifted away from him.  Looking back around at the mile of shoreline on either side of him, Jacob felt overwhelm with why he even cared for the great loss of life he saw before him.  The boiling skies overhead roared as a flash of light consumed his vision.

Jacob woke up wide eyed and breathing heavily from his dream.  Its realism was disturbing as he sat up on the side of the bed rubbing his ear, and the sleep from his eyes.  

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