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   The brilliance of the mid-day sunlight abated as Jacob’s hand shadowed his brows.  Before him, lay a half-naked man on the ground screaming.  His legs and arms were splayed and tied to short posts.  Raised beside the pleading man was a huge mound of mud with a four foot chimney.  Two other men stood to the right of Jacob; they looked like Australian Aborigines with their flaking body paint, and rudimentary weapons.  One used his spear’s tip to gently peck away at the chimney’s domed base; he was extra careful in his approach.  Agonizing moments passed by as the naked man screamed out his confessions and cries for mercy.  The other guard began joining in the task of revealing what was within the massive mud structure.  After a long while Jacob saw the exposed and inner workings of a feverish ant colony within.  The bright red-ants gave no attention to the two men chipping away the outer covering of their world.  Moments later Jacob marveled at the intricate sculpture crafted by such tiny architects.  The likeness of a giant ant head stood high on a pillared neck.  Catacombs and a myriad of tunneled chambers made up the Queen they worshiped.
   Upon seeing the complete structure, all formed from dirt, the two guards exchanged pleased glances with the other’s assistance.

   One of the guards looked down at the silent man on the ground and laughed, as the other harshly rapped his spear on the giant ant head creation.  The massive thing imploded on itself in a cloud of dust causing the two guards to rush backwards.  Seconds later the furious ant colony rushed upon the naked prisoner with an onslaught of revenge; viciously they carried out the man’s sentence of death.

Jacob woke up wide eyed and breathing heavily from his dream.  Its realism was disturbing as he sat up on the side of the bed rubbing his ear, and the sleep from his eyes.  

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