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Stop looking at me..

...and just be honest with yourself instead. I am not perfect.  Just "Saved" by Grace because no amount of works I can do will ever amount to more than filthy rags.  I'm not 'self-righteous' and certainly not 'better-than-you', and if you think that of me you certainly don't know me or have a concept of the various paths my many wayward steps in life have taken me.  Instead of examining my life and all its faults as some kind of petty way of lifting yourself up, follow Christ instead.  Too many complain and call themselves unbelievers because of Christian Followers; they should be following Christ instead of his followers.  Examine him who he was.  Instead of constantly trying to belittle and tear down your perceived understanding of Jesus why do you be honest with yourself and start that investigation all over from scratch.  Why don't you just be honest and blunt enough, that you say you always are with everything secular in your life; and just turn that lens on Jesus.  Turn that view on yourself and then compare the two.  Instead of laughing and trying to find fault with me and others all the time; as some kind of twisted exciting fun way of justifying your own pet "sins", tastes, style and flavors - ask yourself why? Why do you really keep holding own to your own pet bitterness, and childhood baggage.  Stop and look at yourself instead of me and others. Find your own answers.  Sometimes starting from scratch is scary but it beats wasting the rest of your life; what have you wasted already.


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