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Exploring the Adventurious Side, again

I've not played Dungeons & Dragons since the summer of 1981. A thousand years ago and someone elses memories it seems. I've always retained good memories of D&D, because it symbolized so much of my personal awaking. Many friends made then, have stayed with me through the years. Least of which continues my wife - of twenty-four years.

My brother-in-law happened to be my first Role Playing Guide; he and another Dungeon Master made our imagination of fantasy worlds come alive. Now, once again I find myself edging back into that world. Not returning to a stagnate memory, striving to relive the past that will never be, but sparking the interest of a new group of friends and creating new meories, and new personal bench marks for new players.

Let the Dice roll, and the Orc's blood pour! [incert wicked laugh here]


  1. I always wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons when I was a kid.
    None of my friends were interested, and I couldn't pay for the rulebooks and dice and whatnot anyway.

    But there were three or four guys in seventh grade that were interested in a similar way to me: interested, without money.

    We would "free-form" role play. That is, we'd sit around a tree in the school yard and just speak our imaginations and make up a story with our imagined characters. No dungeon-master, no dice.

    I wish I could remember those days more clearly. ADHD robs me of most of them and time is threatening to take the rest.

    Anyway.... oh, this music your blog is playing, is it yours?

  2. I never played that game. I remember people playing all weekend, nonstop.

  3. The Queen is wont to admire herself before the looking glass, but strangely she casts no reflection. There are landmines beneath the floorboards, so take comfort in the knowledge that I tread lightly and haven't yet blown off either of my feet. When I look around at the walls that surround me, I am fully aware that the bricklayer is the very man who is at this moment typing these words. The courtyard is filled with ice sculptures of people that I know. Sometimes I talk to them, but they never talk back. There are microphones in the walls. That is why I have cut out my tongue. You may ask, "Where then is the cherry in your fruit salad?" I'm embarrassed to answer.

    From a melted sculpture; sorry for the unintended silence, but you're still more than welcomed to climb the walls and venture an escape to my eclectic, humble abode anytime. It is a Mine free zone. I gathered a bit of news that the Nubian Queen might lose her aged and disabled throne?

  5. I never played D&D, but I've heard many stories of how people kept friends from their years of involvement. I never heard of someone meeting a spouse that way - wow about the 24 years together! Are you both going to start playing again?

  6. Well, I'm happy to say our friendship has endured longer than even your marriage-- Yet, without the benefit of playing D&D together. I always wanted to play, but my folks forbade it. Funny, that was one of the few things I actually obeyed them about. While you, Troy, Shannon, Lane, et al tumbled your 20 sided dice I was out tumbling some high school vixen or other in the back seat of Daddy's truck. If I had it to do all over, I'd probably still pick the vixens, but I do regret never getting to share those times with you guys.