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Oggie. . . I miss you

A few days just before Christmas I let our Pomerian out, and haven't seen her since. Oggie has been in our family for about 12 years. She was the cutest little dog we had ever owned, yet as she grew older Oggie developed cateracts and the lst few years was totally blind. But for a blind dog she really got around in the house well. Whenever we went to the park or for a car ride she always went along; ever a member of our family.

When she was taken outside, to do her business, she and our other dogs were always accompanied. While everyone had gone outside to smoke and chat I stayed inside to watch the grandbaby. Slipping out briefly I placed Oggie on the ground and told everyone to watch her, as I returned inside to care for the baby. Thinking everything was aright the evening progressed till bedtime, and the party activities died down.

Not until several hours later, and a detail search of the apartment did we all realize Oggie had not in fact been recovered. Then with flashlights in hand we searched not only the aparment complex but surrounding grounds and streets as well. Still not finding our pomerian the next morning we posted signs everywhere and knocked on doors and placed flyers on cars. . .

Still - no Oggie. Hopefully - (wishingly) she's been picked up by a neighbor and being taken care of; I would rather not think the worst, [a first for me]. Alice and I both cried for near two days straight. I feel horrablly illresponcible for having failed in the care of our precious senior dog. Yet after having tried all attempts to recover her we are left with an experience better not experienced. Panic strickened, and shakened by the fear of neglected loss; I feel burtally aware (in an extremely small sence) what it must be like to have a missing child.

Lessons learned: always follow through on your personal actions; not reling on others too.

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