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MUSIC: Soothing the Background Noise

I've finally stumbled, via NEXT BLOG; onto a site where I can now get some excelent background music for my Blogs.

If you are seeking some tunes, Bill Cushman's GHOST NOTES site is well worth the stop over!


  1. Cool web site maybe I can find a tune to put on my blog... Ohh yeah! Hope you don't mind... I borrowed the picture of Arnold that you posted a few days before Christmas... I have a hillarious video of him in Rio that I posted some time ago on my blog but it got lost when I changed my blog a few months ago... I Re-Posted it today... Check it out if you have a chance...

  2. Awww...you coulda used my music! Perhaps it isn't up to snuff, huh.

  3. SAFE TUNES are cool too folks!
    sorry man. . .