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OT   Who ate holy temple bread when he was hungry?
HG   Who was the next leader of the Israelites after Moses died?
PM   Which of the following was a prophet of God - Ebenezer, Enoch, Ezekiel or Emmaus?
N      What was so special about the NT writers?
LNS  How many of his disciples did Jesus send ahead to get the donkey for him to ride into Jerusalem?
NT    What relative of John the Baptist was Jesus?
W     Fill in the blank in the following words of Jesus to his disciples.  "For the _______ always ye have with you; but me ye have not always."


OT   David (1 Sam 21: 1-9; Mark 2:25-26)
HG   Joshua (Josh 1:1-2)
PM   Ezekiel
LNS  2 (Matt 21:1-3)
NT    Cousin (Luke 1:36)
W     Poor (John 12:8)


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