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Bye Linda

I was deeply moved to tear last night at work by a co-worker. I cried. I was touched that I really did make a difference in someone's life. I've been an OJT-Trainer for nine years. I get very attached to my Trainees, and pour myself into them; feeling I have only one chance to make them the best at being Servant Caregivers with heart. So many come and go. About five years Linda Omergie came to The States from Nigira and forever changed my American view on things, (as did John Velasquez). Last night I was the first person Linda came to crying. She and her husband are moving to San Antonio and she's transferring to the State Supportive Living Center down there; however,she found out that her transfer came through. She told me, "David, today is my last day {saying all this through tears}, and I wanted to tell you 'thank you' for everything. You were my Trainer and introduce me to so much I could never have put up with so much if you had not give me the courage to face things. I - I will miss you; very much."

A lot of people did not like Linda; but I did, from the beginning. She had great work ethics and Christian ethics and was a deeply caring person; African. I came to know a view of Africa because of her friendship. I texted everyone "who mattered" and they came by to where she had been pulled to for coverage and they told her how special she meant to them. LOL Linda called me up, "Everyone is coming to me {crying on the phone}; how did they know I was leaving? David did you tell everyone? - Thank you, for being a specal man David; THIS IS WHY PEOPLE LIKE YOU."
I cried. I guess I should believe what people say about me. It's difficult for me to believe inmyself. I'm very touched that I -"me" - I touched someone's life. I... I... guess I really do "make a difference in people's lives". [not just a motto on the old badges].
THANK YOU Linda I will miss you too; and Africa.

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