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I'm not above sharing. I've a Mental Health issue; they call it "Bi-Polar", (glad it's not quad-folder; my short lived Highs are too high and my Lows edge into dangerous depression). I'm also ugly, but some folks still like me; LOL. I'm new to taking medication. Guess I will have to purchase one of those weekday pill boxes, mark off calendar, carry a few extra with me? I don't know. I forgot to take my Lithium yesterday. Been reading up on the side effects and talking with Nursing at work; wow, gotten myself into something. Hope all those who are "concerned" about me are happy now. I was "happy" and "excited" the lat few days about getting a lateral change into another Department and position at work; now, *sigh* well - guess life is just life, and I can't 'spiral-out' when reality hits home. Praying, and striving to embrace a new "phase" that is Me.

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