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      1 TWO weeks after he became King, Legandriel began having nightmares which plagued his waking thoughts.  He had no wife.  Nor did he share the details of the dream with anyone, but thought in his heart, ‘I shall see the trustworthy for myself.’  On the seventh day of still having the dream, King Legandriel called his court together.  As he laid the distress, but not the details of his dream before them, many pondered but none gave answer unto the matter.  The king grew impatient with his silent court and ordered them to be fed in silence.
   It came to pass that all of them were made to be most astonished.  A cook from the Nasilian kitchen came before the king, without summons nor tray in hand and openly addressed the court, "My Lord, forgive my boldness in approaching this fair court –"
   Being gentile Legandriel replied, “Speak for all are welcomed to do so in this matter good woman.”
   Beside her a small eight year old child had been led to stand nearby.  The woman continued, “Noble sire, this is my only daughter and youngest among twelve boys; her name is Lydia.”

   Before the king gave word or rebuttal, the girl spoke boldly, “Gracious Lord of the Fair Ones, hail the truth today.  You said you saw much in your dread but gave no details; but now, let your court now hear what you saw.
   “There was a white shore, not unlike that before the Bay of Luhun of Mithar oh great King.  Alongside that sacred shore were walking cranes with outstretched necks.  Some were fat and others most lean, but all white in their glory.  One by one did each of those nine swans lift off in flight, never to be seen in those mortal lands again."

    The gathered court of the king murmured among themselves in disbelief, some with outrage that a child spoke so freely in like manner unto the crown.  Yet others perceived a change in his lordship’s continence that indeed truth was spoke but wondered as to its meaning.
   Again, the child Lydia continued unmoved from her boldness unto Legandriel, “Then, you counted, oh king by the sea some crabs breaking forth from the beach sands.  Of these thirteen you saw, one at a time taking their turn to measure the length of that shore and then back into the sand return.
   “It was then when the last crab began to walk forth that a great wave overtook the crab, the white beach and very rocks of all the lands.  For the world was naught and lost unto the living.”

   It was then that King Legandriel fell back into his royal seat, and in grave silence pondered all the spoken words of the child before him.  Then he said, “Child do you understand I have all authority to do with you as I see fit; grant you reward or chain you in a pit of despair?”
   Looking without smile and unimpressed Lydia replied, “With all due respect my lord you have no power over your dreams nor did you even know their meaning.”  Legandriel said nothing to this.
   Lydia continued, “After the nine Mitharian Kings shall fall from grace, thirteen Judges shall arise to brutal power.  It is as it shall be, even so the flooding waves shall purge the world of all your ages from time itself.”

      2 LEGANDRIEL changed that in that moment on that very day.  Rising from his seat amidst that gathered court said, “Come closer child.”
   Lydia complied.  The King told her, for all to hear, “Because you are so remarkable and fearless  I am commanding Nolmithlon to begin training you to be my royal scribe.  From this day forth shall every king of Mithar be served by a scribe such as you.  May it also befall the penalty of death should any molest or harm you or them you teach, for your records shall be unhindered and held as undisputed truth.  The Scribes shall be record keepers that even the kings who follow shall not impede.  The king is not above the law, nor any other he holds before the people as such.”


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