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The Truth

   The seed of truth was hidden a long time ago and its history written over and them absently forgotten.  Na-Ethra encountered Felladros and told him.  But his account was strangely missing with an obvious glaring void.  The reader must wait nearly 875 years later when we read of Fayendar's account and how remarkably the same character of Na-Ethra reveals what that miss part actually was that Felladros neglected to mention...

   The truth of the matter was, that not only was Na-Ethra very ancient, and blessed with the grace of longevity but reveals herself to be one of the original Watchers.  Na-Ethra is none other than Lyreah herself, the very sister of Seraphim and granddaughter of Lord Symodare.  Even more remarkably this revelation comes just before her brother, Seraphim is found to be alive and well on the isle of Eul, prior the construction of Ra`More.


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