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Write what you know.

    I am not a writer.  I call it being a "scribbler".  I scribble, jot and write notes.  I have not 'published' anything.  I have friends that are published.  I want my scribbles to be 'perfect', and not even out of the re-editing phrase. Tolkien disliked "allegories".  I love "allegories and metaphors" LOL even if I am not always able to see them for what they are; I'm not much of a writer, barely ever a scribbler.

    My "epic" tale is a story about a story within a story.  My life story, actually.  My fantasy tale is really inspired by The Bible, and The Lord of the Ring's Middle-earth lore, (Silmarillion is my favorite, actually).  My story is about the elves who did not leave Middle-earth and invertedly devised a cultic religious system in their wake.  Several hundred years later,the main character leaves the religion and writes his life story down in a scroll.  He gives his scroll to his granddaughter and The Book as well that had become distorted.  His granddaughter survives the Great Flood of Noah and hides the writings of the Nephilim age.  Many hundreds of years fly by till an archeologist discovers the ancient writings.  My novel is called JACOB'S CATHARSIS, that alludes to The Watcher's Book of Books.


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