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The Shadols (JUDGES)

   I, Adoromir, son of Beirdan the Watcher, went unto the Nasilian camp called Slavath, and inquired more about the people beyond the gated wall of Mithar.  I desired to gain knowledge of the customs that made them who they were.  I came to the tent of Mair-i-than the second himself and asked how it was that he was chosen to be Judge.  This is what he told me.

   The first of the ruling Judges over the five original Shadol clans was named HaRos Shadol, the son of Haradlos Nasil.  He decreed that only those of his line would forever hold the office of Judge.  So, all the lines of the true Judges come from him alone.  It was HaRos who also stated that the Judge alone could have multiple wives, even though he himself only had one.  If his first wife bore only daughters then taking another wife was acceptable, until a son was given him.  Yet, if he was to lay with the first wife again and she issued a male off-spring that child would see the ruling office, if the intended one passed away in death or was without an heir.  No matter how many wives the Judge had it was the first wife who was considered most beloved, and it was she who ruled the household, second only to her husbandman himself.
   Upon the male child’s twelfth birthday they were gifted the tattoo of their office.  The elongated face of a skull was marked between the shoulder lades  on their back.  Beneath the skull tattoo was the name of their fathers, leading back to HaRos Shadol, the first Judge of the Nasilian people.  Along with the skull and the list of family names was the moon sign on the left shoulder and star alignment on the right shoulder of their birth.  Below the listing of name was the totem animal that guided and protected them in the spirit realm during their decision making.

   Haradlos Nasil was the father of HaRos Shadol, the father of Yalla-deth Shadol, the father of Nuyal-amon Shadol the father of LosKelos Shadol.  Shadol means “Judge”, and Kresmon was the fifth Shadol to Judge over the people of Nasil.   Kresmon Shadol was the first-born son of LosKelos.
   YeithMan-elya was the only wife of Kresmon Shadol and she gifted him with three first-born sons at one time.  The triplets were named: Kilos, Thelos and Minlos.
Judge Kresmon feared that his frail, new-born sons would not live to face full maturity into adulthood, in the harsh lands of south Harad.  Fearing their childhood deaths, he permitted all three of the boys to receive the same tattoo of the Shadol’s office upon their backs.   So it was that Kilos, Thelos and Minlos were so marked at the age of twelve, and began training by their father in the art of war, history and manhood.

   However, when Shadol Kresmon was discovered dead in his tent at the age of ninty-seven, all three of his sons assumed the leadership office of the  Judge.  They were the only one to ever do so as a council and deliberated as a single voice.  For each spoke in turn or would complete the sentence and thought of the other; a true marvel to behold it was said.

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