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Meladon of the island Kedos

   Kyon, the only son of Nadan sat outside the mighty gates of Mithar one day viewing the people as they came and went. As Banerra and her son Melbadon approached from the tent village, Kyon spoke to them saying, "Behold a righteous man of good character! From the seeds of your sorrow, Melbadon shall you be called the Father of Goat Castle and a son from your line a Priest shall come." Banerra asked, "What of me good sir?" To which Nadan replied with a grave smile, "Blessed mother you have already played your role and shall be herald with love." Two weeks later she died in her sleep.

There was a man who lived thirty-two years with his mother. When she died he buried her on the island of Kedos in the Lake of Nethro, south of the Bay of Luhun. He lived alone on the island. He never kissed a woman, nor lay with any; for he never knew their physical love.  He was a serious, kind and loving man, but a lonely man. He painted and crafted bits of stone as tiles. On island of Kedos, Melbadon built a house with a tall single tower and a massive courtyard and wall about the island with the Lake of Nethro as its mote. The stones he used were pebbles gathered from the island alone. Thirty-two years after the death of his mother, Melbadon completed his masterpiece which was as elaborate and grand as any eastern royal palace. The day Melbadon finished building his home he went to the mainland. Going to the tent village of Slavath he met a young woman selling wares named Shelva and begged her to be his wife. She agreed and they later had three sons: Dorban, Korban, and Sorban of Nethro Island. When his youngest son, Sorban became seventeen years of age Melbadon died at the age of 122 happy and content.
Twenty-two years later Melshavaon, son of Sorban became a Priest of Mithar and one of its wisest teachers.

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