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Bench Mark

   Well my birthday is coming up on Friday. The Big FIVE-Oh. Wow! Fifty years old. A Bench mark of life that seems to call every one to reflections and ponder where they've been along the journey. I think everyone goes through this, my turn now.  To many they would love to be 50 again, to yet others 50 is that edge beyond the realm. Yes it is "just a number" and "you're as old as you feel". But being half a century in age by any standard is something to take pause at and review and project.

  Speaking of projects I have several I wish to complete and a few I have in planning.  Maybe I shouldn't mention those in planning until they've been completed.  Maybe that will be a new way of doing things for me. FINISHING things begun! Deep breath. Now - to get on with the next 50 years of my life...

...well gotta go!

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