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OFFLINE To write again...

   I'm signing off of my Social Media site, Facebook for awhile so I can concentrate on several neglected projects that have been on the 'back burner' for far too long.  One is a Reference book I am developing that I have entitled: The Pagans of Scripture. Written with a very simplistic approach, in that anyone can use any Bible of their choosing and be able to follow along.  The concept is to encourage an honest study of the Bible from the perception of learning the difference between Paganism and the Jewish/Christian viewpoint.  However, in a "politically correct" manner, the topic is discussed using only the Bible. The denominational flavors and reconstructionist views of these two modern camps will not be presented.  The reader will be taken through the Bible and discover for themselves what the ancients believed about the Universal concept of GOD using the Biblical lens.  However, historical and other reference material will be provided for readers wishing to continue on to more scholarly works.

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