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FACEBOOK "Offline"...

BUT FOR NOW this was my last "post"...
""Good bye and good night. Collectively and individually I wanted to tell each and everyone of you on my account thank you for sharing and allowing me to share my life, thoughts, and experiences.

I am leaving my account open, but will no longer be posting on your wall or mine. You have my email, I check it daily. 
There are not suicidal or homicidal thoughts going on in my head so be at ease. I have just allowed this social media to be a distraction from home and neglected projects. I will strive to focus on matters that need attention.""

I have been a Facebook junkie. I never got into My Space, but I loved FB!!! I guess I'm waiting for "the next big thang" to come along.  A close friend said I liked "drama".  Sigh. I suppose I "allow" my personal insecurities to manifest 'dramatic flare'.  My "bio-polar"-esk personality seems to go for those high and low mood swings.


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