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{ The Original Version }
© 2011 David DeLane Snow

Nasil [Human, Common] translation
Sinenya [ELVISH] translation
1     “Beneath that evening star dome, lead/
Rup Ujebid id esi elapac id dellirtsi rup ihcun, umulp/
Nui tanya lome elen telluma koromindo

2       Lord Elrond with his people shed/
Runis rup Elrond nuc as ulbiap edemerrid/
Mem Elrond yassen ho gwaith dwat

     3  the woes of a war torn land/
sul silem id ena erring edetsevid rup el erriot/
Ianef eneohta ydil ndor

   4   healed by a fulfilled king’s hand.//
uderac rup el unem id na yir uolpmac.//
Yiyhia edematulos ahanan cam

   5  Aboard their swan-carved ships/
E udrub id sul siaqab id ederbel insoc/
Eyuth ron aqua yicular kirya

 6      with praises high on ruby lips;/
nuc suoguli utle irbus obar suobel;/
Yassen valuca taum noiriador

   7    one - with Halflings dressed in vests/
ena - nuc sirbmuh id ejeb eratetsi uditsiv nuc sucilehc/
Er yassen gwalfeth yiratha miecolan

 8      rewarded for a legendary quest.//
Udenipmucir erep na ediaqsab ioridnigil.//
Yimanr tene ryarnut arsta

9       Yet some later said by madness of pride/
Nos ugrebmi sunagle ugial ujod rup eraacul id ullagru
Amques luta equ edcesarta enarwel

10  those brothers fought and lied/
Sulliage sunemrih nurehcal y uotnom
Eska ahdara maruk aryigulcata

11   their bonds they broke and took/
Sas sunub sulli nuriopmur y umut
Ron ahvere ronka tamis artwyun

12       all loyalties of oaths forsook.//
Sedut sidetleil id sul sutnimeraj unudnebe
Ilya ivustal enahvanda arquenta

13       Shelda`Mar implored we few to come/
SheldMar sun umulp sucup roniv
Sheldamar yimqunt eme nnir atula

14       aboard the ship of Valithnor, Cirdan’s drum;/
E udrub lid iaqab id Valithnor rubmet id nedroc
Eyuth ikirya envalithnor ahcirdan danut

15   to the Undying Lands of hope and grace./
e sel serriot seridiciripmo id enwraps y id eocerg
Aizesfirful ahndor enestal areruanna

16       yet outraged, Vendu`Mar abandon his place.//
Ugrebmi udengodno VenduMar renudnebe as regal
Am hecah VenduMar arquita hoyamen

17       On the worn-out piers Vendu`Mar was arguing/
Ni sul sillium sudetsegsid iaf udnetnimagre VenduMar

18       drew against the command of his brother/
Elenis erenuc li udnem id as sunemrih

19       harsh words like a bitter sword that bites,/

20   though Shelda`Mar in sorrow took flight.//

21       The wizard Gan`Mereith admonished us/
Li ugem GanMereith sun etruxi

22       to be wary against our growing lust;/
Erep ris usulitaec erenuc urtsian itnicirc eorajal

23       Sal`Gilvan and Veth`Dema barked back/
SalGilvan y VethDema uderdel ni rivluv

24       with their own words of black.//
Nuc sas seopurp serbelep id urgin

25   We stayed like an anointed remnant,/
Sumovatsi umuc na itninemir udogna

26       who saw it our goal to rule as imminent,/
Nioaq ul uov urtsian uvotijbu erep renribug umuc itninomno

27       teaching a new history to lesser men/
Eznenisni id ena evian eorutsoh erep sul sirbmuh sirunim

28       with a diverse tongue, Sinenya I penned.//
Nuc ena eagnil esrivod Sinenya uy uoborcsi

29       Like unto Sindar was Sinenya made/

30   with new characters and words I laid;/

31       letters designed for new purposes crafted/

32      for initiated secretes were they drafted.//

33      For the greed of some soon railed apparent/

34      as our original cravings became too variant;/

35  instead of being counselors to students in need/

36      many wayward misguidings did breed.//

37      Celegreth of the elven Crystal Caves,/

38      and Kwandol the dwarven mason, made;/

39      a Great Hall like greeting hands/

40  domed six hundred years, still stands.//

41      Close to the bay a watchtower stood/

42      with a bell’s tolling alarm it would;/

43      chime forth the hours of the Great Hall/

44      for secret Brothers to heed its call.//

45   In that kingdom’s darkened hall we met/

46       among fireside rituals fussed and fret;/

47       knowing inwardly we hoped against hope,/

48       preaching failed expectations, we groped.//

49       High in that Watchtower’s nest/

50   its bell replaced we thought best;/

51       with a pyre set eternally aflame,/

52       for others to return without shame.//

53       On the day the oil-soaked wood was lit,/

54       by Fay`Symodare’s death all were hit;/
Rup el itriam id FaySymodare sudut diplag

55   the shadow that fulfilled Mereith’s woe,/
El irbmus iaq ilpmac ye lid Mereith

56      the nightmare of mortal man became our snow.//
El ellodesip id sirbmuh letru is uotrovnuc ivion

57       From his ashes we gathered a portion/
Id as sezonic surtusun relopucir ena itrep

58       entombed in an urn with grave distinction;/
Dibmutni ni ena inra nuc nerg nuocnotsod

59       the rest we scattered upon the sea/
Sun li utsir iaq esripsod ni li rem

60         #and pledged our own ashes would mingle.//
Y uotimurp iaq as nelczim sertsian seopurp sezonic

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