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I'm making a Bucket List of some things I would like to do and experience before I die.  Most people do not know exactly when they will pass from this incarnation.  Death row, death bed confessions maybe a few other exceptions; but had they completed some goals beyond the mundane.

1.   Go to Europe. (would love to see Paris)!
2.   Go to South America. (YES! Colombia visit!)
3.   Publish a Novel. (I am currently writing: 1, 2, 3.)
4.   Ride in a helicopter. (YES! Did this in the military!) 
5.   Message in a Bottle. (Sent one would love to hear what happened to it).
6.   Learn another language. (Tried to learn Spanish...)
7.   Camp at Big Bend National Park.
8.   Run a Marathon. (Bad knee, but just to finish would be cool).
9.   Learn an Instrument. (I have a guitar, tried the self-taught thingy).
10.  Get a better job. (I already have a career, working for an Orientation Instructor position). 


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