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SORRY, No oil, No go.

   It seems just as basic and as simple as that. Sorry, No oil, no go.  Too late to say, "I should have..." or "I could have..." What's done is done. The 'should havs and could havs', hoping and praying and crying and panic of it all - wont do any good.  Appears my car did not get the oil as needed. A prime example of neglect by reason of "taking it for granted".
   Through all the 'lessons learned,' years ago or from others, this one is going to cost me dearly - in multiple ways. My car engine over heated and cracked from a lack oil. Without total warning it just happened. The Check Engine Light came on. Where the heck was the OIL LIGHT???  The acceleration dropped off and the vehicle slowed on its own!  In a panic I pulled over and stopped with Hazards Lights on; along the road side's Emergency lane. Duah! For some odd reason - now I think about the oil.  I added two quarts.... Did no good. Waited 10 minutes "for oil to coat and get to bottom of oil pan". After awhile the new-driver learning a stick-shift lurching forward began again and the acceleration dropped off on its own as well.

   It's always been my habit to check the oil with every gas up, seems I had slowly gotten out of that habit - until today happened. *Sigh* Fear and a rampant array of thoughts now begin to ripple through my mind of Life Without a Car in America. Ten miles between work/home. The usual shopping spots 3 miles away. Doctor's appointment. The ice cold reality of lists growing ever longer... I've always always tried to be there for others, now it seems its my turn. I've not been one for asking for help.... Humility ensues.

[Ongoing tale, more later...]


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