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The Elodreen

The Elodreen

   “Greetings!” Came a woman’s voice from behind them.
   The two friends turned about startled.  Before them stood a deer; yet, its neck and head were replaced with the upper half of a naked female-elf.  Her long hair covered both of her petite breast.
   “To you as well.” Said the male stranger, who added, “I am Fayendar’Kyon, and this is my companion, Saleeth.” He was amazed by the sight of the creature before him.
   “I am Lyreah, an elodreen from the yellow woods of --” Her words were interrupted.
   “Kinderval!” Exclaimed Saleeth.  She added, “I have met some of your kind before.” Sounding insightful.
   “Elodreen!?” Breathed Fayendar with wide eyes. “I had always heard and been taught they were fictitious -- I mean no offence, but horrid creatures from children’s bedtime stories.”
   “You have lived a sheltered life indeed, Fayendar’Kyon.” The elven-deer smiled angelically back at him as if at a child, “For we are neither horrid nor fictitious.”  Then adding in a lower tone and cutting eyes to Saleeth, “Yet, I assure you our spell-charms are quiet real.”

   “You are a good distance from your own woods --” This time Saleeth’s defensive words fell short.
   “Just as you are from the Grey Havens, Saleeth of no House name.” The Elodreen’s manner was poignant.
   Saleeth caught the intent and asked, “Are we familiar?  Do you know me, eldren?”
   “What brings The Fallen to our woods?” Dismissing her Lyreah looked to Fayendar.
   Breathing courage he answered, “We fled the Western Sea Port and sought an alliance with those of the northern hills…”
   Her expression raised, “Dwarves?  How fascinating indeed!”
   The wonderer continued his brief-story, “After a season of years a force from Mithar lay siege upon Mount Ipstha as few escaped.”
   Reading between the lines as if she herself new more detail than were being given, Lyreah asked, “I see, and you must be ‘a remnant’ of that few.” Sharpening her words again up Saleeth, “The others, where are they?”

  “A half mile back, we were hunting when --.” She answered, trying to avoid the intense stare.
   Politely demanding the greater truth, “You were talking, not hunting, and in your discussion you came upon something?”
   Fayendar injected, feeling subdued, “Yes.  Yes, we -- saw an island just off the southern cliffs of this mainland’s coast.”
   Cocking her head slightly to the side with a wicked grin cautioned him with, “Wary now, what else did you spy?”
   Saleeth’s words came out on their own, “A light.  There was a tree that gave off its own light.  Did you not see it Fayendar?”
  Yet being totally honest Fayendar admitted, “No.  No, I did not, but we --”
He walked a little behind her and had not seen what she had.
   Nevertheless, Lyreah injected upon them, “You must return to your people and turn their hearts to this island, for it shall prove to be that which you have so long sought after.”


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